Inclusive Model

We are the only fully inclusive K-8 school in the nation. In addition to providing education to all students, with and without special needs, in the same learning environment, we also look at all we do through our “inclusive lens.” All of our enrichment activities and programs are developed and supported by our staff, so that all students, regardless of their abilities, can participate if they want to. This includes but is not limited to our chorus and drama program, various after school enrichment classes and middle school clubs.

Why inclusion?

Why not? Why do students have to be separated and considered different? Why should we make educational decisions based on what students can’t do instead of what they can do? At The Grace School we are deliberate in our attempts to work with and teach all of our students that every person has potential, a purpose and a gift to share with others. One way to do this is for them to be with each other day in and day out, learning, playing and socializing.


What is inclusion?

At The Grace School we describe inclusion as a flexible and dynamic approach to learning in which students of all abilities work together to achieve developmentally appropriate social and academic goals. Effective inclusion programs such as ours include:

  • Raising academic, social and behavioral expectations for all students
  • Learning about and practicing acceptance, independence, patience, and diversity
  • Responsive and open to the possibilities for all students’ learning
  • Understanding the whole child and challenging him/her to meet their maximum potential
  • Students of all abilities helping each other and learning from each other
  • Differentiating instruction for students Making curriculum meaningful and accessible to all students
  • Effective communication between co-teachers, therapists and support staff
  • Intuitive teaching
  • Active classrooms

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