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Grace Today, Great Tomorrow

At The Grace School, we foster both academic excellence and individual growth in children of all abilities. We do this through inclusive classrooms that combine rigorous academics with a culture of compassion for children in Kindergarten through grade 8.

Modeled after Meeting Street's highly acclaimed and nationally accredited Early Learning Center, Meeting Street started The Grace School, having honed and developed our inclusive model for more than 20 years. The Grace School has a commitment to personal growth and academic success no matter what a child's ability is to meet or exceed grade level learning standards.

While rigorous academic achievement is our main focus, we also place high value on the social and emotional growth of our students. Our inclusive culture of compassion provides the perfect opportunity to instill acceptance and understanding of all children of all abilities.

The Grace School provides an environment that nurtures open-minded and thoughtful leaders for tomorrow through such things as student led meetings and various leadership tasks that draw upon the strengths and interests of each individual child.

Another part of what makes The Grace School a success is the way we involve families and the community in our learning. We ask that families stay actively connected to their child's educational experience as well as their school culture. We hold many family engagement events throughout the year where students, teachers and parents come together as a learning community. We are involved in the world around us and strive to instill a sense of shared responsibility in our students.

The most important thing we can give our children is a great education. At The Grace School, education is not just limited to the academics, it is also about instilling the values to prepare our children for society as an adult.

– Niurka Diaz

Small Class Sizes

Each classroom boasts two highly credentialed educators who are passionate and supportive professionals with the ability to maximize each child's potential.

This is possible through a small class size with an average of 15 students per class and small group instruction. A tight-knit learning environment allows teachers to continually assess each student's progress and workload so that the child can reach his or her highest possible potential.

We proudly employ the much-celebrated Responsive Classroom® approach, which is a research and evidence-based approach to education that is associated with higher test scores, exceptional social skills and high-quality instructional practices. It has been recognized by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) as one of the most solid learning programs possible.

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1000 Eddy Street
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P: 401-533-9100
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