Rigorous Academics

We are committed to all of our students meeting or exceeding grade level learning standards while providing an environment that nurtures tomorrow's open-minded and thoughtful leaders.


We strive to be innovative, engaging and successes oriented in every subject area and have thoughtfully selected the right tools to make it happen.

Language Arts

Reading, writing, language and word study are done in a workshop setting where students participate in focus lessons, guided practice, independent projects and conference work.


The Grace School's writing curriculum is guided by Lucy Calkins' Units of Study in Opinion, Information, and Narrative Writing. In addition to focused genre studies, our writing program offers the opportunity for students to write-to-learn. 

I can't believe how much my daughter learned this year.  She entered kindergarten not being able to read and is now reading stories to me above grade level.  The academics are rigorous and the growth she made in one year is astounding. She loved going to school every day eager to learn more.

– Casey Ferrara - Parent

Word Study

Word study is individualized. In kindergarten, Fundations is one of the instructional tools used to develop phonics, phonemic awareness, and word recognition strategies. The primary word study tool in first through fifth grade is the conceptual and pattern awareness approach to spelling and vocabulary offered by Words Their Way.

Social Studies

Our social studies curricular framework is the result of a collaborative effort with Dr. Kerri Ullucci, professor of Urban Education at Roger Williams University.  Place-based investigations are the starting points from which students understanding and care is stretched to distant times and places. 


The science curriculum includes hands-on experiences in earth, physical, and life sciences, which is accomplished through the use of FOSS kits. Just as it is with social studies, community connections and fieldwork enrich opportunities for inquiry.


Our math curriculum is based on EngageNY, which was created by the Department of Education of the State of New York in alignment with the Common Core.  It contains modules that are marked by in-depth focus on fewer topics, while integrating rigorous classroom reasoning, extending time in the classroom devoted to practice and thinking through extensive problem sets. The expectations for mastery are very high.


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